We make movies a reality.

REELized Pictures

Reelized Pictures is a small filmmaking company based out of Gilroy, CA.  Our mission is to make entertaining and artistic films in a variety of genres.  We have produced Thrillers, Comedies, Family films, Horror films, and Romantic Comedies.

Feature Projects

Death Pact
Horror Feature Film

Suspense Feature Film

It'll Happen
Romantic Comedy Feature Film



Grant is the owner and CEO of Reelized Pictures.  He has made several short films (Grown-ups, Dark Ninja, Dana’s Dreams, Mischief, Riding the Crimson Wave, Insectors, Alone, A Bad Day, The Rendezvous, and The Elevator Diaries), a documentary entitled A Woman’s Place in the World, a feature-length romantic comedy called It’ll Happen, and a feature-length thriller called Spyware.  He started another feature film, Death Pact, a thriller inspired by the real story of the serial killers, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.

In addition to making films, Grant teaches film history and film production at Gavilan College.  He teaches a wide variety of film classes and heads the Film & Television Department at the College.